“Intellimis has revolutionized our school operations, making them more efficient, effective, and student-centric. From managing staff and student details to sharing vital information and scheduling events, Intellimis has become an indispensable tool in our arsenal. It allows us to engage better with teachers, parents, and students.

The friendly staff from ABNO Softwares International Limited and their top-notch customer support make a significant difference. Whenever we request help or changes, the team is always willing and ready to assist. Moreover, the affordability of running Intellimis adds to its value. It's been a transformative experience for Parklands Baptist Junior Secondary School”

Mr. Paul Kirui


In a compelling interview, Mr. Paul Kirui, Principal of Parklands Baptist Junior Secondary School, shares firsthand experiences with Intellimis. The testimonial highlights the transformative impact of Intellimis on the school's operations, emphasizing its role in enhancing efficiency, effectiveness, and fostering a student-centric environment.

About Parklands Baptist Junior Secondary School

Parklands Baptist Junior Secondary School is an educational institution where Mr. Paul Kirui serves as the Principal. The school is committed to providing quality education and has embraced Intellimis as a solution to streamline operations and enhance communication among stakeholders.


The school encountered challenges in operational efficiency, communication, and overall effectiveness. These challenges prompted the need for a comprehensive solution to address the complexities and demands of day-to-day school management.


To overcome the identified challenges, Parklands Baptist Junior Secondary School adopted Intellimis. This innovative solution provided a centralized platform for providing real-time access to student data (including medical records), and a parent portal for immediate information access. Additionally, Intellimis simplified attendance tracking, streamlined assessment generation, and facilitated monitoring of student transportation and educator work hours.


The implementation of Intellimis yielded significant positive outcomes: The implementation of Intellimis yielded notable positive outcomes:

  • Efficient resource management.
  • Real-time access to comprehensive student data.
  • Enhanced parent-school communication through a dedicated portal.
  • Simplified attendance tracking for improved record-keeping.
  • Streamlined assessment generation, saving valuable time.
  • Enhanced safety through student transportation monitoring.
  • Improved educator accountability with efficient work hour tracking.