“Intellimis has truly transformed our institution. With features like Student Management, Finance, and Human Resources, it's a game-changer. The precision in calculating deductions, including VAT and PAYE, is commendable. This system not only boosts administrative efficiency but also enhances the overall student experience. Educators can now focus on core responsibilities. Intellimis fosters collaboration, streamlines communication, and supports growth and innovation - all at an affordable cost.

It's been a remarkable journey with tangible benefits!"

Madam Purity Muriithi


Madam Purity Muriithi, Principal of Muraga Technical Training Institute, shared insights into the institute's transformative journey with Intellimis, highlighting its impact on administrative efficiency, student experiences, and educator empowerment.

About Muraga Technical Training Institute

Established in 2017, Muraga Technical Training Institute is a tertiary institution created by the Government of Kenya under the Ministry of Education, State Department of Vocational & Technical Training. The institution is dedicated to delivering high-quality Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in a conducive environment. Employing appropriate technology, Muraga Technical Training Institute aims to empower its trainees for both individual and national development. Led by Principal Madam Purity Muriithi, the institution is committed to fostering a comprehensive learning environment and providing excellence in technical education.


The institute encountered challenges in its existing administrative processes, communication channels, and collaborative endeavors. These obstacles prompted a proactive search for a comprehensive solution that could effectively address the diverse needs of Muraga Technical Training Institute.


To address the identified challenges, the institute strategically adopted the Intellimis ERP system. This advanced solution offers a robust suite of features, encompassing vital areas such as student management, academic processes, accommodation, timetable, library, finance, human resources, procurement, asset, inventory, workflow, and payroll management.


Post-implementation of Intellimis, Muraga Technical Training Institute experienced significant positive outcomes.

  • Notable enhancement in administrative efficiency.
  • Transformation in student experiences.
  • Empowerment of educators to focus on core responsibilities.
  • Intellimis played a crucial role in streamlining communication.
  • Fostering collaboration among different departments.
  • Cultivation of an environment conducive to growth and innovation.
  • The institute successfully achieved these improvements within budgetary constraints, emphasizing Intellimis' cost-effectiveness.